Justice League:                 Lead            Shields Productions

The Shattered Paragon

Lunatic                              Lead            Shields Productions            

Psy-kic                               Lead             Evan Diercks-Brown

Waiting                             Lead             Cameron Siobhan

Free                                   Lead             Standing Sun Productions

Justice League: Dawn     Lead             Shields Productions

of Apokolips         

Upstairs You                    Lead            Torch

Platinum Reality              Lead            Platinum Realty Group

On Camera Acting (ongoing)                 John D'Aquino

Camp Hollywood 2017                           John D'Aquino

The Process                                             Marty Lindsey

How to Audition                                      Krisha Bullock

Audition Technique Intensive               John D'Aquino

Intro to Character Development          Japheth Gorden

Intro to Auditioning for the Camera    Japheth Gorden

The Art of the Interview and Slate       Gloria Garayua

On Camera Acting (ongoing)                Patrick Sheridan

Sitcom Acting                                           John Beck

Vocal Instruction                                     Colorado Springs Children's Chorale


Singing, Drawing, English Equestrian, Stick Shift


Paige Awtrey

         Height: 5'8" ; Hair: Brown ; Eyes: Green


Special Talents